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What if I’m claustrophobic?

Our pods are roughly the size of a queen size bed, or a small car. Most people are surprised by how big the pods are, even if they’ve seen photos of them before. Even tall people can float and stretch right out, and if you reach up while floating, you won’t be able to reach the ceiling. You have control over the pod at all times, and you’re never locked in. The pod lid is very large and easy to open and close, and it never seals shut so the pod is always ventilated. While we recommend that you float with the pod lid closed, you can choose to keep it open the entire time. Inside the pod itself, you have a button for the light which can stay on at all times if you wish. There is also a call button. Pushing this will alert our staff and we’ll knock and come in to check on you if you require it. There’s no rush to jump straight into the pod and lie down. Spend some time sitting in the water checking out the space before settling on a comfortable position. If you’re not having a good time after trying it out, you can end your session.