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Who can’t float?

Floating is perfectly safe, but there are some circumstances where it is not recommended. These include:


  • within 24 hours of waxing or shaving
  • within 5 days of getting a tattoo
  • within 1 week of dyeing your hair or getting a spray tan (see FAQ about hair dye and spray tan)
  • if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We have a zero tolerance policy on this.
  • if you are epileptic and at risk of having a seizure in the float pod
  • if you have low blood pressure. Floating decreases blood pressure even further.
  • if you have impaired kidney disease
  • if you have a contagious disease
  • if you have any skin infections, skin ulcers, open wounds, or severe eczema or psoriasis
  • within 2 weeks of having gastroenteritis/diarrhoea
  • if you have recently had chemotherapy. Please discuss your intention to float with your medical practitioner
  • if you are sensitive to chlorine, bromine, sulfate or magnesium